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About Us

We are a DRIFT Community based on Assettto Corsa and spanish IRL drift where our targets are to enjoy, expand and achieve goals never seen in the Virtual Drift World. We have a competitive team called Eskuko Team.

We are pleased to have mods developers, skin designers and staff with extensive experience in simracing world. One of our greatest treasures is our own car packs.


From a Big Family – Powerful Team emerges

The Family

A group of virtual and real drift lovers with a desire to enjoy participating and developing events. We meet drivers and fans from all over the world. Ireland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Israel, Slovakia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and more.

The Team

Professionalism. Passion. Thirst of victories. A team made up of riders from all over the world and of all ages. Our mail goal? Make new promises, have fun and, above all, show your style on the court.

You still don't know what DRIFTING is?

Some of the best catches of our cars on track.

Wanna Tandem with us?

Let us approach the door of your car a little!



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